What are the most popular causes?


Looking at donations, medical research has for a long time been the most popular cause in terms of the number of people donating, though in 2015 it was edged into the number two spot for the first time by children and young people’s charities. Religious causes achieve the largest share of donations in terms of total money given.

In a typical month, around half the population makes a donation to a charity, and around 70% give at least once a year. The typical monthly donation is £14. Read more about fundraising with the public.


Around 40% of people volunteer at least once a year, and 27% do so every month – that’s around 14 million people. The most popular causes to give time to are sports clubs, which around half of all those who volunteer said they volunteered for, followed by hobby or social-related clubs and religious causes. Schools and education, health causes and community groups are also popular.