Raising and spending money

Find out about the main ways charities get money, and answers to some common questions about how they spend that money

Charities in the UK raise and spend over £40bn every year. In this section we answer questions about where charities get money from, and address some questions people often have about how charities spend that money.

Raising money

Many charities can only make the difference they do thanks to your donations, whether that’s putting money in a collecting tin, setting up a direct debit, or leaving a gift in your will.

As well as fundraising with the public, charities also get money in several other ways. The amount of money they get from different sources will vary between charities.

In recent years, many charities have been trying to earn more of their income from businesses that they’ve set up. This money helps make the donations they get from the public go further and helps the charity to be sustainable in the long run, even if fundraising or money from other sources goes down.

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Charities always try to spend money as prudently as possible so that they can make the biggest difference possible with their limited resources. Like any sort of organisation, there are always some necessary costs that they incur. People often ask about staff costs, senior salaries and overheads, so we’ve explained a bit more about those in this section.