Charity adverts

Charities only spend money on advertising if they think it will have a clear benefit in helping their cause.

Some charity advertising campaigns are about raising awareness and promoting important information, such as how to spot someone having a stroke or how to keep your heart healthy. Others are aimed at helping find new supporters, who are vital to helping charities continue their work.

For some charities, television advertising can be a cost-effective way of reaching many potential supporters. Charities normally go for cheaper slots during the daytime, rather than more expensive prime-time slots.

Sometimes charity adverts can be hard-hitting, but charities are always conscious of the viewer and think carefully about what they air. There are things happening in the world that people will feel uncomfortable about but part of charities’ role is to show things how they are and to shed a light on difficult problems. However, charities also make sure that they balance this with positive images of the people they help and show the difference that people who donate are making.

Charities’ television and radio advertising is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority, as well as the charity fundraising regulator, the Fundraising Regulator.