Starting a charity

Starting a charity can be rewarding but it is a big job

Starting a charity can be a highly rewarding thing to do and can help you make a real difference. The number and variety of charities in the UK is a great feature of our society. But it’s important not to underestimate how much time and effort establishing a new charity and the ongoing requirements for annual accounts will take.

To start a charity you’ll need a number of people to be its trustees. You then need to create some governing documents to give it a legal structure, and also register it with the Charity Commission if its income is over £5,000.

It’s worth thinking about whether your goals could be achieved by working with or fundraising for an existing charity, freeing you of a lot of the administrative responsibilities. Charities will normally be happy to talk to you about how you could work together.

If you’re sure it’s the right thing to do, you can get started with the Charity Commission’s detailed guide on how to go about setting up a charity and information on setting up a charity from KnowHow NonProfit, which covers everything from starting out to working out your legal status.